Jaime N. Clark 
Denver, CO | Kailua, HI

Freelance Travel Writer, Marketing Director and Passionate Promoter of a Life Well-Lived.




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CENSEO AV+Acoustics, Marketing Director


Denver Post Mile High Mamas, Author

J CLARK Design Group, President

US Family Guide, Editorial Review Contributor


Motherhood, adventure, amazing friends and family, fresh powder, divine inspiration, the majestic Rocky Mountains and Island life…what more could a girl ask for? Ok, maybe a laptop, cup of coffee and the perfect forum to publish her thoughts on life – and I’ve found that too!

Can I just say how truly blessed I feel!?

As a Colorado native, I had the privilege of growing up with fourteeners in every direction and my all-time fav ski area just minutes from my front door. I’m forever grateful to my parents for providing me the perfect locale to develop my spirit of outdoor enthusiasm…in the Heart of the Rockies.

After receiving a B.S. in business marketing from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, a venture north brought me to the English Department at the University of Wyoming. A position working with an array of intriguing characters sparked my curiosity and left me with a forever-love for the art of writing.

I returned to school after spending a few years in my marketing career and motherhood – both unforgettable adventures! My M.A. in Instructional Design & Technology allowed me to optimize my digital marketing skills and prepared me for my current Marketing Director position with a company based out of Kailua, Hawaii. Traveling back-and-forth can be crazy making…but only in the amazing kind of way.

I am ever thankful for the many opportunities I’ve received, the adventures I’ve experienced, and even the trials I’ve overcome…but, mostly, I’m thankful for the friends and family who’ve supported me along the way. I look forward to the journey ahead!

Denver Post, Mile High Mamas 

Photo Credit: Iman Woods Creative 

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