{Official Disclaimer}

As an editor/mom blogger I receive complementary products for review and am hosted by some fabulous venues.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing, I take pleasure in utilizing my education to provide publicity for the products I review and enjoy.

Photo Journals have become a NicestMomBlog speciality and are authentic, valuable, and feature 100% real people (my family) *usually* having a whole lot of fun. Children appearing to be in a sour mood for the camera do not and should not reflect poorly upon the venue.

 I WILL NOT push a product I don’t believe in.

My editorial reviews are true and accurate – to the best of my knowledge – and express my honest feelings about a place or product. If I am ever unhappy with a company, I will address my concerns directly and seek change for the sake of future consumers – no review will be posted.

As a mom, I seek to encourage family fun and ways to make the parenting adventure a little bit easier!

…So, basically, don’t sue me for my opinions, I have a lot of them and you are reading at your own risk!  #LegalStuff


The award of “Nicest Mom on the Block” was given to me by one of the little girls down the street.  Her mom delivered the news, explaining that when she asked her daughter who the nicest mom on the block was…and expected to hear, “you are mommy” …well, I must have been really NICE that day.

AND I think I’m just going to keep the title ~ even if the support behind it fades, wink. So, even if it is just a silly blog title – it’s still the NICESTMOMBLOG title…and it’s mine (for now.) #WooHoo

2 Responses

  1. Hi Jaime,

    How do we contact you in regards to product reviews?


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