At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Increase Your Attractiveness…by smiling more :0)


Ever feel like not smiling? I use the “try not to smile” game with my kids if they’re in a funk, takes about five seconds to achievement. The simple act of transforming the face from a scowl to a grin lifts the spirit and scientifically impacts the body in several positive ways. A healthy smile lowers the heart rate, calms the nervous system, decreases overall stress levels, and promotes happy thoughts…who doesn’t want joyful headspace?

Take a look in the mirror. You’re darn cute. Are you better looking when you smile? Most people will say absolutely! I believe a happy person is the most beautiful kind. So, the question is…HOW to smile more?

Coffee, red wine, and blueberries pose the biggest threat to my bright smile. Giving them up is NOT an option, of course.

When I was young, my mom would occasionally have us brush with baking soda (not tasty). A dash of peroxide also worked for an occasional brighten up, but as I learned more about the condition referred to as Black Hairy Tongue (BHT) {yes, really!}, a filiform papilla elongate with discoloration that can be caused by oxidizing mouthwashes, yikes, I decided against that home remedy and turned to the professionals. Here’s what I’ve learned about teeth whitening:

Whitening with Smile Brilliant

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Shipped to My Doorstep!

Custom-Fitted Trays …AT HOME
(impressions mailed to the lab)

Plenty of Whitening Syringes

BEST PART: Desensitizing Gel


Orthodontist Whitening
Trip to the Orthodontist
Long Wait to Make Impressions
Another trip to Orthodontist to Receive Trays
$$$ Per Syringeof Whitening Get
LOTS of Lingering Sensitivity

Both methods resulted in pearly whites! However, Smile Brilliantwas MUCH more convenient and cost a LOT less. Smile Brilliant’s Sensitivity Gel eliminated my sensitivity immediately, and I could use a small amount at any time I felt discomfort. I had plenty of supplies, so as I continued to recover my bright smile, I was also able to eliminate discomfort. Life changing. {coffee & wine threat removed!}

Smile Brilliant $$
Orthodontist $$$$

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Smile Fearlessly!
Tooth Whitening Gel