ViralChess…a Snazzy, Mod Social Media Makeover!

Chess Reskin :: Social Media Chess

The game of chess is one of the most popular in the world and as Wikipedia explains it, Pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent’s pieces, with the objective to ‘checkmate’ the opponent’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture.” In my INTE 5830 Games & Learning class with Dr. David Thomas, we were asked to re-skin the game of chess in a creative way in order to analyze the changes in the game’s meaning and the various ways this might enhance or change the story. I thought it would be fun to throw in a social media spin – since I do plan on studying this stuff for the rest of my life…and I think it impacts us, our children and society as a whole on a daily basis. With something so relevant in our modern culture, well, it at least deserves a wholesome round of chess!

  • 1 King = Facebook
  • 1 Queen = Twitter
  • 2 Rooks = LinkedIn
  • 2 Bishops = Pinterest
  • 2 Knights = MySpace
  • 8 Pawns = Google+

(Designated based upon popularity ranking.)

Wikipedia goes on to explain, “One player is referred to as ‘White’ and the other as ‘Black.’ To distinguish between the two, the black pieces are darker than the white pieces. Their colors need not be black and white, but will each normally be a uniform color.” So, for my blue hue (White) social media opposition…I am selecting grey scale (Black) social media – aka: the “Backend.” Oh, this is getting good. Game on!

A Place Where All Dreamers Live


“My favorite space is the one between where the sea ends and the sky begins. It’s the place where all dreamers live.”

 ~ Jordyn Hay


It’s lazy mornings, long hikes, picnics in the park, swim days, video games, playdates and books we said we’d read but didn’t.  It’s the life, COLLEGE LIFE!

Alright, so you’re on to me. I write for Mamas, and no, that’s not a realistic glimpse into higher education, well …first semester, freshman year, maybe…but live and learn, right!? Ok, so I’m not done with my list here:

Late(ish) nights, unkempt rooms, uncontrollable raucous, random stickers fused to the floor, leftover pizza, evaporated Lucky Charms (minus the marshmallowy yummies) crispfused to the table and a never ending pile of seriously dirty laundry. Still sounds like college, doesn’t it? I know what you’re thinking – too many charms in my bowl, but hear me out.

I have a theory.

If it *sounds* like college, then it should *look* like college…SpRinG BrEaK 2013, oh ya! With healthier snacks, extra towels and a lot more SPF! What I’m suggesting is a legit Spring Break vacation. Not every year, but some year, this year (or next – after you plan and budget – hey, we’re responsible parents here!).

I’m just going to go ahead and admit that it’s been a while since I had a real Spring Break (hard to believe, I know)…but for the sake of journalism, I am willing to go out and capture the story for you — after I score that gig (stay tuned). BUT, what I did do is ask the opinion of a very real college expert. Brilliant and you’re welcome. Check out her tips and suggestions for an unforgettable spring break experience:

…and THAT is just a teaser for my upcoming MHM post! I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m not blog post MIA – I’ve been working on this (and many, many other things), and let me tell ya of the things I won’t do for journalism. Crickets. Yes, I landed that gig and ’tis good. Full report to come following SpRinG BrEaK 2013!

Meanwhile, plz don’t rob my house over SB’13 (I have few valuables and one neighbor with far too many guns – crazy and true), do know that my blog is alive and well, check out the invaluable advice that only a hip college undergrad can give – @MileHighMamas later this month and absolutely start planning your SB’14 getaway RIGHT NOW!

To come: “Is Spring Break a proper noun?”

photo credit: Jordyn Hay