Downtown Denver Datenight and Squirrels In My Pants!

S to the I to the M to the P …the goofy song had the crowd jamn’ (and it appeared to me – based upon audience participation and lip syncing – as though Phineas and Ferb draws quite the closet following…of dads!). To their defense, I must admit that if any cartoon characters know how to have a zaney-good time, it’s Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb.

Squirrels Song [mandatory dance along to this]

This review adventure was particularly fun – including a light rail adventure (thanks to the ginormous snow storm) to the doorstep of the Convention Center to meet up for a datenight…with our cousins!





Only friends of similar genetic make-up could achieve an equally silly look for the camera…and check out what I got when I asked them to look up!

Gettin’ down to Squirrels In My Pants with Phineas and Ferb may not be the downtown Denver datenight I’d normally have in mind…but with memories like this, how could I not love it? GIANT Snow Storm + Adventurous Light Rail Ride + Time With Cousins + Phineas and Ferb ++ Squirrels #InMyPants!?! = Priceless