Financial Freedom for Your Children…

Itā€™s easier than you might thinkā€¦and it starts tomorrow! Ok, ya, it would be ideal if you were able to run out today and invest a little blingĀ for baby Penelope. She could spend her college years on the slopes, buy a snazzy condo in Boulder and chill with her insouciant trustafarianĀ friends – picking up random gigs with the band and entertaining for cashĀ on Pearl Street in her free time. But, if youā€™re a parent of a young child, you probably have a list of obligations – and the list outweighth. The good news ~ Penelope might learn to manage her hard earned dollars AND you donā€™t need cash flow now to set your child up for successful financial management later!!!

Attend thisĀ FREE event to learn more about the many ways Young Americans works to educate our youth for a successful financial future. More than $1,500 will be given away in cash prizes ~ rain or shine the Birthday Carnival is on!


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