Repurpose Your TP Roll, Not Kidding ;)

Ok, so it sounds like I’m really reaching this time – taking my green initiative to a whole new level by suggesting that saving this small amount of rather *necessary* cardboard might prove beneficial. While it alone might not save the planet, it could be the very tool needed to spruce up that outdated decor…and every effort counts, right!?

Toilet Paper Roll Decorating

I know what you’re thinking – yes, my eyes are still swirling from the subliminal messages found hidden in the deeps of The Lorax, but I have to say, I did sorta love that flick AND if this catches on, yes, a tree or two could be saved. Just one problem – you’ll have to get over the fact that this beautiful art was created by several trips to the restroom! Sounds classy, I know…but as an avid fan of modern wall art and a huge heart for saving our planet, I’m thinking this could be the new solution to that hard-to-decorate space in your home. Simple, low-cost, beautiful, earth-friendly and with unlimited creative potential. LOVE IT!

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Simple Tips for Fabulous Holiday Décor…Final Tip

Take Time to Remember

The most important decorations are those that help remind you and your family what this holiday is all about. Hang those reminders, talk about them with your children and focus on the reason for the season…the rest will fall into place.

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Simple Tips for Fabulous Holiday Décor…Quick Tip #3

Clear the Clutter (and fast)

One simple way I’ve found to minimize clutter during the holiday decorating process is by storing the normal décor in the empty Christmas bins until the holiday is over (obvious but sometimes overlooked). I just empty the Christmas items, refill with the normal décor and place boxes back into storage until after Christmas. Another fun idea that a friend suggested is taking the extra clutter (particularly if company is arriving on short notice) and boxing it up – this makes me laugh….*wrap the box* in lovely paper and place it under the tree! LOVE IT! Just don’t get too excited when it comes time to open gifts, ha.

Simply Beautiful Holiday Decor – Quick Tip #2

Delegate Tasks

The family was happy leaving the tree assembly up to me this year, and after messing it up, taking it apart and finally putting it back together correctly (yes, one really can mess this stuff up!), I handed the ornaments over to the kids – so I could give my Christmas cheer a little rejuvenation (aka: dark chocolate and a glass of wine). I would normally assist in the tree adornment process but I figured I’d just set them loose this year – I was impressed. They got along, joyfully cooperated and even helped each other stand on tiptoes atop a chair to reach the highest places…we ended up with a beautifully decorated tree. And, while I did do a bit of readjusting later (it looked like the tree was being strangled by a blue tinsel python) it was PeRFeCT and they loved being fully in charge. Now to convince my hubby to hang those exterrior lights.