The Heart’s One, True Desire…LOVE

The power of the human mind is a profound mystery but even more interesting to me is the persuading influence of the human heart.

Broken Heart Syndrome, as it is commonly called, tends to draw its share of media attention in the month of February. Disuvo is a more technical term for the condition…and Octopus Heart will pull Google hits – the reference being drawn from the shape the heart takes as the left ventricle balloons similar to a pot used by Japanese fishermen to trap octopus, the “Tako-tsubo.”

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23

The peculiar condition mimics a heart attack but without the presence of an actual blockage. The sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart is caused only by a surge of stress hormones! Patients are generally in good physical health – suffering only from an increased amount of sudden stress.

So, can the heart be truly broken? Well, I’d say [shaking my magic 8-ball] signs point to yes. Ok, fortune telling toy unnecessary – my heart has most certainly been broken and more than once…evidence it also can be healed, right? Every heart experience leaves an impression – some bigger than others – all contributing to the perfected strength and endurance intended for that individual, providing astounding abilities to prevail in L-O-V-E. The heart is, after all, a muscle and to prevent atrophy, one best find ways to use it!

This Valentines Day, guard your heart with truth, fill it with love and let it guide you as if your life depended upon it…because it does.


Read more about Broken Heart Syndrome in this detailed explanation I wrote for Littleton Hospital (the “don’t quit your day job” side of what I do, lol!).

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