Is God a Broncos Fan?

It was a topic of discussion at a dinner I recently attended. No, not with my girlfriends – we generally don’t discuss sports at GNO, sorry Broncos. Someone had asked during the meal if we believe that God is helping Tim Tebow. I found the question intriguing, and with my general lack of opinion, I shared my thought immediately…

Tim Tebow is helping God.

I have to admit I’m not a very supportive Broncos fan – no jersey, no logo flag – no offense to the uber-talented athletes on the field, it’s just that it’s simply not in my genetic makeup to focus on the television for 3+ consecutive hours when I can just catch highlights later (and I have two busy young children). That’s exactly what leaves me awe inspired with the works accomplished by Tim Tebow…

I’m watching FooTBaLL!

Ok, so I still don’t sit down for the entire game but I do find myself wandering over, standing a few feet from the screen and staring in wonder. I actually paused in Costco to watch a Tebow replay. I had chills after a couple of games – and then, this last Sunday – I got teary. Ya, all choked up over a football game…What Is Going On?

Not only am I weepy over a Bronco’s miraculous victory, I’m witnessing a whole new culture…thanks to the example of Tim Tebow. Our pastor wears his jersey on Sundays, people are talking about this stuff in *public* schools, and somehow it became acceptable to embrace Christianity, even kneel in prayer, because one bold football player lead the way. Prayer requests are being circulated for support of this team player’s mission. People are taking notice. So, do I think God is helping the Broncos? I think God is helping Tim Tebow do exactly what he intended for him to.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Tim Tebow is the first to give the credit to the Lord. Thanks to humility, truth and God’s provision of an impressive spotlight (on and off the field,) people everywhere are talking about Tim Tebow, about the Broncos and most importantly…about God.

Girls Night Out – I didn’t think I’d be momblogging about Tim Tebow OR the Broncos…so I’m guessing we just might cover the subject of “sports.”

Is God GREAT or what?

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photo: thechristianrepublic


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