Simple Tips for Fabulous Holiday Décor

It’s easy to get “wrapped up” in all the holiday fuss…twinkling lights, twirling trees, dancing ornaments, synchronized music lights flashing to tunes broadcast over a low-power FM frequency so passers-by can tune their car radios to your show (people really do this: How To). It’s a lot to take in – and I know it gets even crazier than that! My recommendation to the high-tech animated Christmas décor enthusiasts…hold the spike on the eggnog.

My thought this year is to keep it simple. Sometimes we get to having so much fun preparing for this very special holiday that we forget the reason we’re celebrating. I don’t have a problem with vivacious holiday décor. We actually enjoy the tradition of driving around, kids in their pjs, looking at all the beautiful lights! I plugged a few things in myself AND one silly reindeer even moves his head (thanks to Nana, and the kids love it). Keeping it simple has more to do with the heart than with the electric bill at the end of the month, wink. I’ll be coming up with tips to help deck the halls a little more efficiently and leave some spare time for additional family fun this year!

Simple Tip #1
Execute in Phases

I’m NOT a naturally organized person (just ask my family), so some method to my madness helps a lot! I’ve found that both putting up and taking down our decorations is less of a task and much more enjoyable if we do it slowly. Hot cider one night, cookies and cocoa the next. Add some winter cheer with a warm fire and Christmas music…it starts to feel like fun! Phases also allow for me to take just one or two boxes out of storage at a time, decorate and put them back before beginning on the next. Christmas colored bins: a very good idea (working on it).

photo: ultimate Christmas storage


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