Health for the Holidays

The holidays can pose a challenge when it comes to maintaining healthy habits. As the weather turns cold, outdoor activities become less appealing, leaving families with fewer opportunities for daily exercise. The food options multiply as we’re stuck indoors, thankful for the warmth of a hot oven and the comforts of tempting aromas filling the air.

Being aware of these changes in food and activity are a great first step to staying healthy. LiveWell Colorado offers some great tips to taking small steps in the right direction in taking charge of your family’s health. I think the best way to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle is to make it fun. Winter sports are a great way to stay fit and discount equipment can be found at thrift stores – particularly those geared specifically towards sports. When I’m having fun, I’m far less likely to stop and overeat than I am to rely on the snack in my coat pocket.

It’s one of my favorite tricks: pocket food! I admit I too often choose “pocket candy” and then keep meals healthy, but in a season of far too many sweets, I go for sensible snacks. Having a source of energy when in need helps me remain in control of my appetite and prevents me from overeating. Granola bars, cheese sticks and fruit leathers are just a few favorites in our home. Your blood sugar level will thank you!

Want a fun, OrGAnIC and LOcAL snack – super tasty too? Check out the offerings from Wacky Apple. Their organic flat fruit is amazing, great for our bodies and fits nicely in a coat pocket. The only problem with this snack…it tends to vanish into thin air. Ok, so I’m pretty sure dad took the last fruit on his way to work, but he wasn’t aware of the promise that had been made to the kids at bedtime – that while they weren’t allowed to share the snack after brushing their teeth, they could have it in the morning with breakfast (Wacky Apple flat fruit bars have two layers so it’s super easy to share evenly – important stuff!). Luckily for me, I had Wacky Apple juice to offer up that morning. The container is wildly appealing, disguised as applesauce, hee hee. The straw can be stabbed right through the top – no rules – freedom in creativity…and it makes moms happy too!


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