Ice Cream By Any Other Name…Still Edible?

As an avid ice cream fan with an immature sense of humor and maybe too much exposure to obnoxious dodgeball team names, I have to say the controversy over this fudge-covered rum ball flavor treat, inspired by SNL’s Pete Schweddy (Alec Baldwin) and his circular baked goods, is just nutty (pun intended).

Do I want to be paparazzied purchasing *or eating* Schweddy Balls?…not so much. Should it be on store shelves for giddy teens looking for something to laugh at, ya, I’m ok with that. It’s not like my young children are going to understand the ridiculous innuendo, and if they did reach an age that it was something to chuckle at, well, I think that will be the least of my worries.

So, is it pushing the envelope ~ I don’t think so.

The real question here…one scoop or two?

SNL Skit:

photo credit: AP


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