Flat Acres Farm & “Corny” Family Traditions

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The harvest season marks a labor-intensive reaping of abundant crops. Following the harvest is a vast celebration. Now, I have to admit (because I’m sure you’re wondering,) I didn’t actually participate in any harvesting…but I did try to grow a small pumpkin patch in our back yard a couple of years ago – the Pumpkin Fairy had to save the day – shameful, I know!

Thankfully, in today’s culture, we don’t have to produce our own crops in order to participate in fall festivities! We’ve made it a tradition in our family to visit a farm each year and enjoy the games, mazes, food and fun.

Flat Acres Farm, a stranger to the Pumpkin Fairy, is decked with healthy mounds of rotund pumpkins and gourds, ranging in size and shape, waiting for a new home and transformation into a lovely Halloween jack-o-lantern. Every young patron visiting Flat Acres Farm takes a punkin home. This farm aint just for punkins tho…

Tall cornstalks loom overhead in the jungle of corn maze leading to a towering pyramid of hay bales.

Smaller twists and turns, designed with bales, allow parents to watch as children navigate their way through the maze.

Buckets o’ kernels await a full-body plunge (I resisted given that I didn’t want to embarrass US Family Guide – or my children, ha!)

The best thing about this farm…it’s 100% authentic. Family owned and operated with love and care for decades. The farm is used for – FaRMiNg –when not decked out in festive fall fun and most of the attractions are repurposed so they can be utilized throughout the year.

During growing season, bean stalks wind up
the structure of this snake tunnel!

Signs and photo cut-outs serve as lids to the corn boxes!

This farm has something for everyone and much to offer young children. It’s conveniently located on the south side of Denver in Parker, CO. I absolutely recommend this family tradition to everyone and a stop at Flat Acres Farm is a must for young families!


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