Honey, I Shrunk the Sippy Cup… (A Tale of Name Bubble Heroism)

In my ‘Bubbly Solution Solves “Mommy where’s my…”‘ editorial review, I explained the convenience of Name Bubbles…particularly this time of year with the various school supplies, drink cups, clothing, sports gear and now the epic ski wear collection! These adorable name stickers got us through last winter with few missing items – the ones that did go astray were easy to spot in the lost-and-found bin! I was thoroughly impressed with how well the Name Bubbles stayed adhered to clothing, toys, electronics and sippy cups!

It’s not so difficult for a cute little name sticker to stay intact when items are treated gently, BUT if you’ve met my little ones (the blondie in particular) you already know that not every item in our home can be protected at all times, hee hee, AND – believe it or not – sometimes even mom is the culprit to the ruin of valued items (not intentionally, of course!). This is one such case…

Mom + dishwashing machine power = shrunken sippy cup.

There is, however, a happy ending to this story – the Name Bubble survived, relatively undamaged – completely and securely adhered to the side of that warped and withered cup. We were excited, um, for the Name Bubble (sorry green sippy.)

~ My momfidence in this product now soars to whole new level. ~

Those who thought I was the “crazy label lady” before just best look out now…I’ve been set loose with EXcLuSivE, Limited Time Only, MoNstER MAsH LaBeLS…for both of my children. These, along with our new monogrammed “S” packages (for our spooky-long last name) make me the most dangerous, label-happy mama on the block. Ewww, and with ski/snowboard season just around the corner, the adorable monster Name Bubbles will be hitting the slopes with us!

Monsters not your winter fav, check out all the options available at Name Bubbles’ official website.

Oh, and FREE Pumpkin Head Labels this month too! These Name Bubble Halloween originals are beautifully designed for the cleanest jack-o-lantern decorating you ever did see…perfect for the little ones. Submit your ghoulish, spooky or pleasantly pumpkin design for a chance at a $25 gift certificate – 5 winners chosen Halloween Day! Details Here

Stay tuned for photos of our spooktacular jack-o-lantern creations…coming soon!

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