What to Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy?

Too early to start thinking about this one…OR maybe, like at our house, this isn’t a real concern? Well, apparently some people actually have this problem because I was asked to write a little something on this delicious Halloween dilemma for Mile High Mamas…and when I did a little research on the topic (yep, I researched it too, hee hee) I realized it’s a rather common occurrence…one of life’s sweetest mysteries. Now, I’m not sure what the problem is at our house – maybe my children neglect to collect an adequate amount of sucrose, fructose and glucose in arrays of shapes, colors and flavors – but I don’t think that’s it because we seem to have loot-a-plenty. Maybe a leaky Halloween bucket or Bermuda Triangle looming near the candy dish, but we have a way of making our stash disappear quickly.

A little treat for the lunch box, an after school snack, maybe a quiet bedtime nibble…I share some with the rest of the family too! I keep a shameless “secret” chocolate stash in the top shelf of the freezer too. Not that anyone is unaware of my frozen delights, but the “out of sight, out of mind” technique seems to work with frozen chocolate. I guess rock solid goodness isn’t quite as appealing to the rest of the family either…crazy.

CANDY…just ONE reason I love HaLLoWeeN!

So, sweet tooth aside – if it were that we had extra confections just hanging around on into Thanksgiving, Christmas or the new year (crazy talk,) what would I do with them? I’ve come up with a fun top 10…but would like to hear from you.

What do you do with all that leftover Halloween Candy?


photo credit: blisstree

3 thoughts on “What to Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy?

  1. There are lots of yummy recicpies online you can make into fun sweet treats with the heaping leftover halloween candy BUT if you are not wanting to consume one more sweet thing for a very long time – take the leftovers to work and watch them disappear in no time! 🙂 You will be the hit of the office!

  2. This may seem obvious, but I have to admit I hadn’t actually considered it (from a friend)…”this year I don’t plan on buying as much candy because we end up having so much left over. I was thinking of heathier snacks like individual Sun chip bags or granola bars to hand out this year along with a few candies so that way we aren’t stuck with what to do with left over candy. I will bring left over candy to work but even some of the gals protest that because they can’t resist if it is right in front of their eyes. There is always so much in the way of candy, treats, goodies starting with Halloween through Christmas so if you are trying to avoid sugar like I am, this gets a bit tough.” Love it!

  3. Bonnie Steele

    Last year we had to shut our house down early because we completely ran out of candy! I was bummed too because I had a few favorites in there. But that is very rare for us to run out of candy, I think last year the weather was good and so it was a busy evening. Usually, if I have extra candy I take it into work; unfortunatly so does everyone else and we are all on a sugar high. However, sometimes my organization will set-up packages for the troops overseas and we will add the non-chocolate candy (because it melts) in the box to be sent to them. And every year the City hosts holloween trick-r-treating during the day for daycare kids. The leftover candy along with our candy (if we bring it in the next day) goes to local shelters in the community.

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