Crafts for Kids + Christmas Gift Ideas = My Art Workshop in Littleton, CO

It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping…I say that every year, purchase couple of wonderfully thoughtful gifts and procrastinate on all the rest – till about the week before Christmas (yes, family members, your hunches are confirmed.) I’m a #WellIntendedProcrastinaholic.

So, this year I’ve decided to pace myself – a little here, a little there – easier on the budget that way too. Pretty soon, I’ll have that perfect gift for everyone on my list!

Here are my thoughts for Christmas 2011:
We all know that a gift from the heart is more valuable than any other which money can buy…and being the mother of two little ones who don’t seem to stop growing (sometimes overnight,) I thought a sentimental “moment in time” would be darling – and for years to come. A handcrafted something, made by my two favorite artists, with names, dates, handprints and the like. Now, where to find such a creation.

My ARt WoRkShoP in Littleton, Colorado.

A darling place with more options than I had imagined – from t-shirts to wheel pottery, custom stepping-stones, canvas paintings, mosaic art and more – the list of possibilities had me excited…and the kids liked it too! With the drop-in hours at this art studio, a quick visit whenever we had the chance and we’d have all our family gifts in plenty of time for Christmas!

The staff was amazingly helpful (and patient) when we came for our review. I had taken the kids right from school, which was a poor decision on my part because I showed up with two exhausted and grumpy kiddos. The sweet gal that helped us surely thought my kids were “something else” but she kept a smile on her face the entire time…including the couple of minutes I had assigned to my son in a “thinking chair.”

For the first person on our list: Daddy. *Not to worry, while he is an active subscriber, evidence shows that his receiving posts does not actually mean he reads them, ha! In his defense, he’s very busy and has to listen to me verbalize all my random thoughts, so I can understand why reading them may not be at the top of his to-do list….So, yes, his gift will be a great surprise.

Once we had gathered our emotions and the understanding that we were agreeing upon a coordinated gift (rather than spending our budget on his one item,) we were ready to go!

I let the kids look around the workshop but with the many choices, they needed a bit of guidance. I pointed out to them that several of the pottery options would allow for a darling handprint from each of them. Noelle thought my suggestion of a salt and pepper shaker set was great – each of the children would have their own work and just enough space for a print! PLUS, in 2009 Si and dad had created a lovely cookie jar that also had two little handprints on it. It would match perfectly in our kitchen/dining area – AND would be useful, yay.

Both kids had a fabulous time creating their special gifts and I had just as much fun watching them. They each picked colors and brushes, taking their time as they intently lathered on layers of paint. One thing I love most about glazed pottery is that it always ends up beautiful – no matter how wild the mess gets, the kiln takes care of it! I know the kids’ efforts will be appreciated and the artwork adored…we’ll look at these pieces of work years from now and search for the hazy memories of a Christmas long past, thinking back on those little hands and toothless smiles…and wonder how the time does pass.


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