A Taste of Colorado, Dever

Invigorate your taste buds and spend time with the ones you love at one of the most happin’ end-of-summer celebrations in the city of Denver! A Taste of Colorado is held annually over Labor Day Weekend in downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park. So, put on your walking shoes (you’ll be parking downtown) and prepare for a crowd…over 500,000 folks come out for this four-day event!

Tickets are sold in sheets of 12 and can be exchanged for games, rides, food and drink. Sample tastes may be as few as three tickets (just under $3 value) while entire meals, some gourmet, can take a bit more than an entire sheet. Shop around for the deal that suits you and you’re family! Our kids settled on a giant snow cone with two spoons…the remainder of their tickets were decidedly spent on rides including the bungee jump trampoline.

My top pick at this year’s festival was the 6 ticket fondu – cheese or chocolate – can you guess which I went for? With dipping selections such as brownies and rice crispy treats, the choice was easy. Nick sampled Indian food and shared pulled pork bbq with the family. Part of the epicurean fun is sharing a bite or two!


Make A Taste of Colorado a Labor Day Weekend tradition for your family! Stay late and relax to live music or arrive early and beat the crowds. Do both and make it a full day of fun! Don’t forget your sunscreen, bring your ID if you plan on sampling wine and beer…strollers are welcome – have fun!


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