Douglas County Board of Education Proposes Bond & Mill Levy Override…

and this is a very good thing.

Let not the future of our children be left to the disdain of politics.

A clear, timeless perspective – possibly overlooked in the wave of cool and epic forward thinking – simple, basic foundational values.

Our children’s education.

I use “our” loosely. American youth belong to us…all of us. Inherently, these little ones will someday be ruling our nation and making decisions as we fade into the generations of long since past, leaving only a legacy of what we once stood for. It’s our responsibility to look out for the whole…not just those we consider our own. In doing good for others we are ultimately doing good for ourselves.

Our values.

They’ll hold strong through generations. Evidence will be apparent for years to come as the love from one is passed down to another and another. Can we say we’re leaving this a better place with what we give of ourselves today? Time, money, passions…are they aligned with core values? What we believe today will be evident in tomorrow.

Our responsibility.

I was rather disappointed in a recent article I read on Douglas County Board of Education’s $200 million bond and $20 million mill levy override for the November ballot. The tone of the article was rather negatively leading and incorporated the voucher debate rather than focusing on the issue at hand. If I had simply read the article and not looked further into the facts, I may have considered it a lost cause and possible jumped on the “no thanks” band wagon.

The issue is simple, our public schools need funds to make improvements and pay teachers. Where will we find these dollars and make the burden less upon the individual. Through taxes. Small contributions by many for the bennefit of all.

I don’t know about you, but I would gladly make small sacrifices for the betterment of our country and for the good of the whole. I know I can’t do it all on my own, but together we can make an amazing difference in the lives of many.

I understand that the mention of a proposed tax increase can be daunting when viewed in the short-term, but with a futuristic approach and full perspective of realistic needs and benefits, a little sacrifice now doesn’t sound like such a burden. In opposition to the specific article I stumbled across, I’d advise for each individual to seek education on the issues and don’t make assumptions, be mislead by haughty promises or distracted with side issues…do have faith in our educational system and the caring, loving individuals whom have given their lives to improve the future for the sake of all of us…and absolutely assess your core values when considering what you can do to help improve our community.

Spreading the love.

We all work together as one body…and with each of us doing our own part even when we don’t agree or like what others are doing, our contribution still results in an astounding big picture. I’m not a fan of negative media influences or politically charged debates…be aware of the source when collecting information and don’t let the small disparities divide us in our hearts – in the values that profess who we truly are.

Yes on 3A & 3B

I am in favor of 3A & 3B to improve our schools, pay our teachers and give hope to our future leaders. It is one thing I can do, as an individual, to help improve our community. Yes, arguments can be had – and some within reason – but based on my beliefs, my values, my faith…the answer is simple for me.

Oh, and on a completely selfish level…I live in Douglas County and benefit from the increased property value in neighborhoods with fantastic schools – it is one of the very reasons we bought our home in Highlands Ranch…but that’s not the core value I’m basing my decision on – just being real honest here, wink.


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