TCBY of Grenwood Village

TCB…Why? Well, let me tell you!


The Country’s Best Yogurt…if mention of it brings feelings
of nostalgia, you’re not alone. I’ve been an avid fan of ice cream since I can
remember – bubble gum flavor “topping” the charts during my youth, and with
tastes gaining in sophistication over the years, my passion has melted into a
love torn between blends of light and fruity and delectable rich, heavy flavors,
thick with assorted candy bar.

Ok, so I’m a true fan of this frozen, sweet deliciousness.
So, here’s the good news…I can still have my guilty indulgence and feel good
too! Yep, this yogurt stuff is amazing! All the flavor and none of the
guilt…ok, until I get to the topping section…but that’s my personal issue
because they have plenty of healthy topping choices.

TCBY frozen yogurt plus all the toppings you could
dream of to create a masterpiece of your very own – it’s wonderful. Forget the
days of choosing a set recipe from the menu (boring) and hello to unlimited
creativity, but if you’re not comfortable making those types of decisions,
there are three lovely flat-screened TVs at this Greenwood Village location…one
of which scrolls through a list of no-risk recipes…but, if you do this you’ll
never know what white chocolate mouse yogurt/dash of cake batter yogurt topped
with gummy bears, Fruity Pebbles, Snickers and slopped all over with hot fudge
tastes like (recipe by Noelle.)

A lesson in creativity to spark the mind of a child or a
reward for well-behaved children…just two of the strategies (aka: excuses) we
use as parents to find our way to yogurt rewards! Oh, and this specific TCBY
location has gone the extra mile to be truly family friendly with high chair and
sling accommodations as well as diaper changers in *both bathrooms, hooray for
this modern-day realization in parenting!

Check out the urban ambiance of this stylish frozen yogurt
joint – 100% kid- and parent-friendly too, yum! You will likely have the chance
to meet one of the local owners, who not only hands-on run this business but
are well-versed in parenthood too! Gotta love family run, locally owned,
nationally valued frozen favorites!

So just one request…bubble gum yogurt, please!

Find TCBY of Greenwood Village on FB!


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