Beaver Creek Summer Vacation

Destination…Beaver Creek, Colorado!

Ahhhh, a restful vacation in Beaver Creek – filled with ongoing excitement that is! What is there to do in Beaver Creek in the summertime? Well, let me tell you…

Mutton bustin’ at the Rodeo at Tracer Creek, jeep exploration with High Mountain Adventure Tours, BBQ lunch on the mountain at Saddle Ranch, a wagon ride to the base of Larkspur Bowl for a fabulous gourmet dinner at Beanos Cabin, skating the Black Family Ice-Rink in the center of the village (yep, even in the summertime), swimming, s’mores and restful nights at The Charter…oh, and don’t forget savoring warm chocolate chip cookies at the base of the mountain, 3:00 p.m. daily, served on a silver platter by chefs in white hats…part of the “not exactly roughing it.”

Our Beaver Creek family vacation was the highlight of our summer!

~ Chocolate Chip Memories ~

Could be the chip that stole my family’s heart? There’s something heartwarming, mouth-watering and utterly comforting in the air at the majestic Beaver Creek…and I don’t think it’s just the fragrant aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Our winter ski vacation at Bear Claw was amazing and left us longing to go back. Memories of making our way down slopes just in time for the perfect ooey gooey indulgence to get us through our last run of the day…we knew we’d return…what we weren’t expecting was to have that opportunity just a few months later!

Beaver Creek, Summertime
It was a sight to behold. Noelle had packed her ski gear (which her mom unpacked twice!) because she couldn’t imagine the slopes any other way than blanked with mounds of white powder and she wasn’t about to miss out on epic skiing! The rest of us understood pretty well that we’d have to choose a different kind of adventure this season, but I do think we were all rather surprised (and impressed) at how much there was to do…and at how much fun we had doing it!

We played the game of finding our favorite ski runs and trying to remember back to what they looked like in the wintertime. Silas was impressed that there was a full mini golf course right where he had stood in line to get on the chair lift…with a snowboard! Everything was much the same but really quite different. I hadn’t appreciated the actual Beaver *Creek* until we took a walk along the quaint trail along side it in the summer time…which is a funny story because — I LOVE the free shuttle service in Beaver Creek — and I use it often when staying there. In the winter, it just makes sense – mounds of snow, loads of gear and enough ice to slow a walking pace to a crawl. In the summer, well, I really don’t want to admit how long it took me to realize this, BUT if you stay in mountain lodging (such as the Charter), um, you can just walk out your back door. The trail system is beautiful and fabulous, and goes directly to the village with parks and playplaces along the way.

So, when you call for the shuttle and the dispatcher tells you the wait might be 10-15 minutes because they’re a bit behind schedule…but politely suggests the *brilliant* option of walking (because it takes about four minutes)…give it a try! #BecomingInfamousInBeaverCreek

Further details on “What to do in Beaver Creek?” coming soon!

Photo journals of Beaver Creek Winter Fun and our summer memories: Horsing Around ~ Beaver Creek.


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