Craft for Kids!

Backpacks, #2 pencils, washable markers and hand sanitizer. It’s that time of year again – back to school –where our children will be taught to share freely with others…a lesson they will carry out quite well…when it comes to GERMS.

Clean hands are a first step in stopping the spread of germs. A good lather with soap for a full 20 seconds (try singing happy birthday or ABC’s) followed by a warm rinse is the best prevention. Alcohol-based hand rubs are also effective and come in sizes and scents to fit almost anyone’s fancy. We love the Bath & Body Works collection at our house and their mini sanitizer can be hooked to a diaper bag or purse with a lovely, colorful gel holder.

Another motivation for hand washing might be a special soap. A friend of mine uses a liquid soap pump with a hand stamp at the top so that when the dispenser is pressed, one hand is marked with the stamp. The idea is to lather until the stamp disappears – it makes hand washing a whole lot more fun.

We’ve gotten pretty good at the lather and rinse at our house (the soap mess is a battle I’m not choosing – for now) but the dry was becoming a real problem…and the hand towel was at the center of it all…Who did it belong to? Why was it wet? Who had muddy hands? Who left it on the ground? Who wiped the toilet seat with it (seriously?)???

And my concern…Why doesn’t it come clean when I wash it? (I still don’t have the answer to that one!)

So, we came up with a fun solution that seems to be working so far, yay! It’s inexpensive, full of sentiment and, of course, super fun to make.

No-Sew Handprint Hand Towel

  1. Find an inexpensive, cute hand towel for each child (we scored ours at the
    dollar store!).
  2. Use a scrap of fabric or an old shirt/dress to trace your child’s handprint.
  3. Using double-sided fuse (you’ll find it in the craft section), iron the handprint to one side as directed.
  4. Cut the hand out with fuse attached…or let your child do the cutting if they can!
  5. Fuse the handprint to the hand towel according to the fuse instructions…usually just a few seconds with a warm iron.

Easy as that! These adorable hand towels are not only encouraging for germ-free hands but super cute and a great keepsake too! I’ve noticed my children taking special care of theirs – no more towels draped over the open toilet seat now that they have ownership in the deal, ha.


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