How JuiceCleansingHealthyChicks Invaded My Pizza Craze

Of all the things I frequently clean…chocolaty chins, boogery noses, muddy paws, stained shirts, smelly shoes, funky bathrooms, car seat crunchies, sticky spills and much, much more…I realized I had forgotten something important.

“Just because you can’t see the mess, doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

It’s a wise saying that I most often repeat to my son following a bedroom pick-up session, but this time the mantra was meant for me…I had been closing the closet doors (metaphorically) on my own stockpile of junk that had been accumulating for, well, my entire life up to this point.

Being a strong advocate for self-care despite motherhood, I was surprised that I had overlooked this one, major part of the body that I had, well, NEVER cleaned. Sounds pretty gross, huh? How dirty had it gotten in all these years of neglect?

Well, I can guess – based on the surprise I have waiting for me behind the refrigerator and stove when I finally get around to cleaning there,

What might I find? Toxins.

Now, how am I going to know for sure that I got those cleared out? Hmmm, not quite sure about this one, but supposedly – according to an online source – I’m going to feel it. The accompanying picture of a joyful lady leaping through the air, trailing some sort of parachute, wispy thing behind her is apparently all the evidence I should need, wink. Not convinced…yet.

Normally, I steer clear of the fad health kicks and stick with what works for me: mostly healthful foods in moderation and enjoyable exercise. So, when my #JuiceCleansingHealthyChick friend was drooling at the sight of the tattered pizza remnants that I was enjoying at a recent get together, I thought she was nuts.

Really? Just juice and for how many days?

But then, the very next weekend and one more piece of pizza, I encounter yet another #JuiceCleansingHealthyChick. So, as I delighted in another round of greasy toxins in the presence of a half-starved juicer, I started to wonder…just a coincidence?

So I asked my hungry friend few questions – I mean, just incase I were to decide to dabble in this juice cleaning craziness ~ pizza guilt.

Here’s what I learned: Apparently, smoothies of spinach, carrots, celery, parsley and water are quite good when you’re STARVING!

The placebo effect.

I didn’t say it out loud…but I was thinking it. I mean, there are a lot of ways to stay healthy without removing the enjoyment of crunching and chewing for several, painful drawn-out days.

And yet I find myself researching the topic. Ugh, those healthy chicks invaded my pizza craze!

So here I am. Juice cleansing…and it’s just about as painful as I had imagined. Cooking delicious foods for my children doesn’t help one bit – I say as the aroma of freshly baked brownies fill the room.

Will I survive this? I’m going to try! (And I’m stashing a healthy portion of that chocolaty goodness away for my post-juice cleanse retoxification!)


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