Water World, Splashing Good Fun

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Water World is a favorite destination for our family, and it was so much fun to visit with our Mile High Mamas friends this summer!

I have been quite impressed with the variation of the adventure we experience from year to year – and I’m not just referring to the fabulous upgrades the park has undergone. With each passing year, our children reach new heights (quite literally) of independence and confidence in the water, leading us to novel discoveries and basically, a whole new [Water] World. This year, Si officially reached the 48’ mark – an enormous milestone in the life of a young boy – giving him the freedom to ride some serious thrillers, which he politely passed on (for now anyway), but lets keep that quiet as he works on his inner courage…to his credit, he did ride the Voyage to the Center of the Earth TWICE – happily!

Noelle’s raft ride experience didn’t go quite as well, ha. Bravery, however, was not so much her issue as was the dilemma of taking a break from the fun to use the potty. Ok, so accidents happen, especially in the lives of four-year-olds, but the mess is generally contained to their own little bodies and not shared with everyone on the raft – yikes!

So, thank you Water World for chlorinated water, thank you for hosting the Mile High Mamas and thank you for sticks by which we measure our growth, our children’s development, our inner courage…a mile marker for years gone by filled with sweet memories at a water park which has become so much more to us than simply an epic place to play.


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