Bloomapalooza at the Butterfly Pavilion

by Guest Bloggn’ Mama Janell Swan @ “Cygnet Adventures

If you have never been to the Butterfly Pavillion in Broomfield, Colorado, you are missing out.  It’s a fun, educational, and interactive outing for kids and adults alike.  From petting tarantulas (something my daughters would never do, but an option, none the less) to having butterflies land on your shoulder, you’re sure to walk away with a little more knowledge of our natural world than you arrived with.

However, Bloomapalooza takes the fun to another level.  Crafts, live demonstrations, bouncy slides, dirty hands. . . need I say more? When we arrived, we were immediately invited to to participate in the Get Dirty project, planting flowers in the flower bed just outside the main entrance to the pavilion.  My kids didn’t need any prompting to begin digging in the dirt, and based on the enthusiasm and pride they showed with each little transplanted flower, I know we’ll be heading back frequently this summer to check on the growth of “their flower”.

After we visited all of our favorite indoor exhibits (the hairy spiders, spiny lobsters, and elegant butterflies that we always hope will land on our finger) we headed outdoors to the Discovery Gardens.  A crowd had gathered for the live demonstration on honeybees, but my daughters were, of course, more attracted to the giant blow-up bouncy slide.  After several (many) turns on the slide, I was able to interest them in the crafts.  They enjoyed crushing a bean with pliers (to demonstrate how a bird crushes food with its beak), decorating and coloring a mini flower pot, planting a little pot of herbs, and sampling some yummy trail mix (yes, if they’re hungry enough they’ll eat more than the M&Ms).

After our outdoor fun, we moved into the Tropical Odyssey,  where my daughters enjoyed crawling on the giant caterpillar and butterfly play structure, following a maze, and riding a zip line. . . weeeee!  We had to end our fun-filled day with a trip to the gift shop, which had many unique items to choose from.  My daughters each selected a bag of “jewels” (i.e., polished rocks) that they’ve been having fun playing “treasure hunt” with ever since.


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