Blossom Festival, Canon City

We made a little venture to Canon City, CO this last weekend for the annual Blossom Festival…and to BBQ with good friends 🙂  I don’t consider Canon my home town, but I did live there for several years (jr high/hs), so I have many fun memories and several life-long friends!  The festival is held during a beautiful time of year – when the trees are in full bloom and the weather is just starting to warm up – opportune time to get a decent sun burn, yikes #spf 75.

Great way to discover Colorado: *HOMETOWN FESTIVALS*

It’s fun, kids love it and you’ll definitely have to visit again b/c it’s never a full picture of what the town is normally like.

We thought about arriving early Sat morning to check out the 5K but decided parade, BBQ and prom (not part of festival – different town & whole other story) were plenty to fill a day for this #recovering overplanner.

So, here’s the scoop…

Canon City Music & Blossom Festival

First weekend in May
SPF strongly suggested (by me)
Great parade for band/music lovers
*No Candy* Deal breaker at our house… brought the bag incase…bummer…we love our friends…
Thx to candy dish in one friend’s office, which happened to be along the parade route YEAH:<> kids are happy, lol!
Sunless tan beforehand = easy on the eyes
80 degrees feels seriously HOT when it was 50’s last week
Avid parade watchers, note: Seriously Long Parade
DQ is at the east end of parade route – just FYI & say hi to Maggie for me
Did I mention no candy and really LONG parade?
Way fun to see old friends – or make new ones
Bikers Welcome (we don’t have that kind of bike tho)
Biker Bars – we’re asleep and sunburned before all that – they seem to enjoy
Full list of details:

And we experienced our first porta-potty suction experience – good times, ha!

Don’t take my word for it – this is stuff you have to see first hand.  Discover Colorado!


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