Easter Photos at Great Prices

For some families, it’s a tradition to have Easter portraits taken and send them out to grandparents, and if you’ve spent some time making a pillowcase Easter Dress for your daughter, you can take the opportunity to capture it…and then let her run around in the dirt hunting for easter eggs.  Our daughter doesn’t keep her clothes clean for very long, and I’m not even sure that we’ll convince her to wear the dress, ha!

So, you may be thinking that it’s just not in the budget this year to have professional photos.  Well, I want to share some of my favorite deals with you:

Portrait Innovations $9.95 includes a full package…but no photo cd. Pictures are printed in 30 minutes which is awesome if you’ve waited till the last minute.

Target Portrait Studio – $7.99 package (with coupon) + free 8×10 or $3.99 portrait sheets.

Sears Portrait Studio – $7.99 package (with coupon) + free portrait collage.

Check out the packages to see what best fits your needs.  No sitting fees apply to any of these offers.  Additional sheets may be at a price worth passing up 😉 Find a great photographer – skills vary.

Some places apply the special to the first acceptable pose, while others take several shots and let you choose.  The most challenging part of this whole process is being able to say no to the other adorable photos of your kiddos (but if you say no, you can afford to come back.)

We have some fabulously imperfect photos from over the years, and that is why I love these deals – no stress.  Because it’s affordable, I’m ok with a goofy photo shoot – we’ll just try again next time, right?  We have one of my daughter (the only shot she smiled in that day) with a teddy bear’s leg in the corner – the photographer was working hard to get a smile.  We have one of my son as a baby wearing a large glob of spit up on his shirt, but he looks darn cute otherwise!  Moms know that sometimes we just do what we have to, and I haven’t had a single grandparent complain yet (well, not to me anyway!)


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