Growing With Obermeyer!

What are we up to this spring break?  Skiing with Obermeyer!

A leader in durable winter wear, Obermeyer brand ski gear is making an impression with ultimately functional, current, chic fashions designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts looking to play hard in style.  This company’s ‘I-Grow’ system for children is pure engineering genius, sure to be a trend-setting epidemic for the outdoor sport apparel industry and the answer to the inevitable ankle revealing high-water dilemma faced by mothers with sprouting youngsters – the question is, what are we going to do with all those extra bricks?

This company, founded 1947 by Klaus Obermeyer, is not only a leader in cutting-edge design, but is forging the way for environmentally safe production and sustainable living.  Obermeyer headquarters is located in Aspen, Colorado, where this family business continually strives to provide a green initiative.  Some of Obermeyer’s environmental efforts include the provision of reliable eco-power to the community, the production of gear from renewable and recycled resources and design production centered on conscious energy efficiency.

Obermeyer’s commitment to using technically responsible products to improve the outdoor entertainment experience is evident in all business practices. The essence of the company revolves around the thought that…

We must step lightly on the planet, we are here for only a very short period of time really and it is not right to destroy something which gives us such great beauty and asks for nothing in return.”

More For Less
With Obermeyer’s ‘I-Grow’ system, your children can make use of their quality snow gear for more than one season, which is vitally important to those of us looking to dress our family on a livable budget.  By simply snipping the color coded threads, your child’s clothes can extend an additional 2 inches in the pant legs and 1 ½ inches the sleeves.

Obermeyer is a company worth checking out – I think you’ll love the colorful designs and attention to detail in this children’s outdoor clothing line…you’re children will love it too!  Friend Sport Obermeyer on Facebook!


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