Just Between Friends, Douglas County

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I had the opportunity to shop early this year at the Just Between Friends Sale in the new, larger location in Castle Rock.  The extra space is great and having the entire sale all in one room is very convenient.  Everything is sorted and well-marked, so be sure to come with a detailed list – and you’ll no doubt find a lot of extra goodies you don’t really need.  Parking was abundant and the check-out system has been revamped to flow more smoothly.  Several seasoned shoppers brought their wagons, so don’t be afraid to pull up in your moving van if that’s the kind of shopping you’re game for!

I shadow shopped with an expert this year – partly because I’m a self-proclaimed wimp at these things and because I figured I could use a good lesson from a bargain shopping authority.  My mentor loaded her wagon high, crossed off her list and snatched some great deals to stash away for her children’s birthdays and Christmas (loved this idea).  She explained that when she returns home, she sorts through her current belongings and pulls items for resale, which she will rotate between JBF sales in the area.  She has a full system, creating an art – and business – out of consignment sales.

Despite the fact that I’m still learning, I’d say I did quite well.  Some of the deals I picked up include: a floatie swimsuit for my three-year-old, Crocs for both kids, Abercrombie running pants for my son and a like-new denim Gap overcoat for my daughter.

I did notice that because consignees price their own items, there are similar items marked at various prices, so look closely.  I did see many excellent brand names and clothing in great condition – several items were brand new.  I had to bypass many gorgeous dresses, knowing that my little one would absolutely refuse to put it on (we’ll hopefully move past this stage soon).  There were also many baby items: strollers, car seats, you name it.  Definitely the place you want to shop if you’re in the market for this type of big gear!

Don’t forget your coupon! http://wineglasslipper.com/

Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castle Rock 
Friday, March 18 & a 50% off sale Saturday, March 19


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