Stay, Soak and Play at Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Canyon Resort

Rethink Reunion…ever spend a weekend at a boring family reunion?  Not because you don’t love Great Aunt Pearl…but it might be really nice to have a little activity between the visiting and eating, right?  Well, check this out!

Glenwood Canyon Resort sits alongside the bank of the beautiful Colorado River.  Accommodations include resort cabins of various sizes, camper cabins, RV sites and tent areas – all within a great price range for a family getaway.  A bathhouse with laundry facilities is available along with a game room, convenience store, and free wireless Internet through out the resort…can’t leave our laptops at home, right?  (Guilty)  Here’s the great news:

New This Spring 2011, Canyon Club Event Center

With amazing views, a spacious deck, variety of entertainment and services to cater to large parties such as family reunions, conferences and weddings, you can combine your need for adventure with your love for family and friends! 

An amazing view isn’t all you’ll find outside your cabin door, activities are opportune at Glenwood Canyon: white water rafting, mountain biking, zip line adventures, rock climbing wall, and ropes course…and more.  See a full list of area options at

During our recent stay at Glenwood Canyon Resort, we encountered a little snowstorm – enough to feel like winter in the mountains but not enough to stick to the roads – perfect storm in my opinion.  The views from our warm, cozy cabin were marvelous with the snow drifting gently down from the brightly lit moonlight sky. 

The next morning, our kids took note of the large, natural bridge rock formation on the mountainside just across the river, “No Name Arch”.  They had dreams of hiking up – which I may have been game for – if we hadn’t already completely booked our schedule. 

Be sure to check out the great family package specials at Glenwood Canyon Resort!

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

“A full day of family fun” is the slogan here, and they aren’t kidding.  Our visit was during the off-season, so we were limited to mostly indoor activities (except for the alpine coaster), but let me tell ya, that was plenty!  After riding the gondola to the top of the mountain, exploring the historic Fairy Caves, soaring down the mountain on the alpine coaster, playing a couple rounds of laser tag and watching two 4-D movies, we were exhausted!  And we still had a ride back down on the gondola – which was beautiful with the sun setting.

The caves were absolutely amazing (and educational, shhhh).  Both kids loved being underground and experiencing “cave dark” when the lights were turned off.  The alpine coaster was a thrill!  It’s like a gravity-pulled roller coaster with breaks, which Noelle and I chose not to use, and I was way more afraid than she was.  Laser tag was a fav for the kids – something very entertaining about being able to play guns in the dark with your parents, ha.  The 4-D theater, well that was an unexpected adventure!

You might be wondering what the fourth dimension at this theater is, right?  It’s too funny – I figured it was just the movement and vibrations of the seats (and that is what I had told the kids), so we were completely unprepared when…

Ok, so I won’t ruin the fun!  Let me just say, I was rolling with laughter.  This one surprised me by making my “can’t miss” list of activities for Glenwood Springs.  The caves and hot springs are the not-so-surprising options.

(Couple of mommy quick tips: bathroom stop before gondola ride – no potties at the bottom…bring a bit of touch-up makeup along w/ your sunblock – just in case.)


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