Glenwood Springs…and the Fall of Man

A natural wonder is something to behold, a tangible glimpse illuminating the imagination, letting the mind ponder the possibilities of a perfect paradise.

Glenwood Springs is a marvelous spectacle, nestled deep within the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains, boasting of delights of long ago…a token of the faultless Garden of Eden. 

With extraordinary natural attractions united with the craft of man, Glenwood offers an impressive selection of leisure for the heart and soul.  A variety including underground cave exploration – caverns dripping with awe-inspiring formations, steaming hot mineral baths bubbling up from deep below the Earth’s surface and complete rejuvenation in the stillness of underground rock in geothermal vapor caves.

The awe of this charmingly small mountain town is captured not only in its offerings from nature, but in the lives of over 9,000 people residing there – many with roots running deep in the area.

It’s a funny thing to grow up in a small town…I can attest to this being raised in a town two-thirds the size of Glenwood.  Close communities create a culture including stories passed down from generation to generation.  Many of the stories will never be shared with those on the outside (partly due to the lack of credibility and ridiculous inside humor, ha).  Well, on this short trip, I had the privilege to share in one of these local tales – simply by chance – thanks to my son and his enthusiasm over the cave tour he experienced the day before…

As we played in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, my son bounced around a lady relaxing quietly with a book.  She overheard him chatting gleefully about the caves and let us in on a fun, local story.  It just so happened that this lady is related to a man famed by a section of cave bearing his name.  How did he claim this right?  Simple – he fell deep into uncharted territory and took a flight-for-life trip out.  The super fun part of this story…he didn’t want to worry his mom with the dangerous ventures he was taking in the cave, so he kept it quiet…until cave tours began telling of how Albright Falls got its name! 

Our two days in Glenwood Springs were filled with adventure.  I plan on sharing more of our experience – stay tuned.


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