Disney Live!

My family and I spent a spellbinding evening at Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show in downtown Denver at the Wells Fargo Theatre.  With unexpected visits from several of the princesses, including Cinderella with her Prince Charming, my daughter was enchanted. 

My son was taken with the work of Brad Ross, a young, talented magician with a résumé boasting of several recent magic and entertainment awards.  Brad works alongside Mickey to perform top-notch illusions that keep even the parents guessing.  Because my seven-year-old takes great interest in magic, he paid close attention to Brad’s work.  He had some thoughts on how the illusions may have been performed, but even after having watched hours of “magic secrets revealed” videos, he was bewildered.

This Disney Live show deserves recognition for professionalism, talent and delightfully entertaining theatrical tricks.  Having been to another of Disney Live’s productions, I can say that this show is most certainly a step above other works in it’s class. 

Children were able to enjoy the fallen confetti at the front of the stage after the show, and to them, that’s a very important part of the evening.  With pockets bulging with confetti pieces, we said good night to a truly magical evening.


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