Trash to Treasure

Ok, so it’s not exactly from the trash, but it did come from Nana’s yard sale.  When she gladly handed it over to my seven-year-old to take home, I wasn’t thrilled.  A large, heavy item with a glass globe on top…could she have checked with me first?  Not if she wanted to get rid of it I guess.  So, I hesitantly took the carousel gumball machine, cleaned it out, and after a few months of searching for gumballs, filled it with a large bag of M&M’s candy.

Well, to my surprise this was one of the most fabulous candy “dishes” we’ve ever had!  Normally, I use an unofficial two-step approach for candy in our house…first, I display the candy in a glass vase on the fireplace mantel – it’s a fun way to decorate and the kids love it.  Then, when the holiday is over, if there are any candies remaining in the vase, I put them into the hodgepodge candy bucket (we hide that on the top of the refrigerator).  I admit, the bucket is not the place I like to dig for a sweet fix (maybe if I’m desparate), but it’s a hit with the neighbor kids!

My trash to treasure discovery:

No grimy hands dip into the gumball machine.
Coins collect in the base – a treasure to be found when we switch candies!
Candy is dispensed in small serving sizes…and the kids don’t seem to notice.  This is to my benefit as well.
No need to cover the container.
Our candy lasts longer – I just switched out the end of the M&M’s and added our cherry sours.

…I still put a vase of cinnamon hearts on the mantel, but after a few days of kids’ hands, I’m not going to touch that candy, ha.

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