Capri Sun Pencil Box – Reduce Waste

I love coming up with new, fun ways to recycle, and while some of my zany ideas don’t work out – sewing lace on boy clothing is not always a good look – this was a successful one.  It was great quality time together, and my kids enjoyed creating something they can use.  This project may help your kids stay organized, maybe, but  it’ll definitely look cool.

We transformed an empty Capri Sun Juice Box (the big cardboard box) into a pencil/crayon holder.  Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Capri Sun Juice Box
2 Drinking Cups (we had green plastic ones)
Packaging Tape
Glue (optional)
Kitchen Scissors for Cutting

Start by tracing (or letting the kids trace) the cup circles on the top of the box, you’ll cut just smaller than the circles so the cups can sit in the holes and be supported by the edges of the box (cutting takes some muscle – the cardboard is thick).  Kids can place the cups in the holes and secure edges with a little glue.  Finally, close the box using the packaging tape and let your kids put their crayons and colored pencils into the cups. 

Wondering what to do with all those Capri Sun juice packages?  TerraCycle does great things with them – check it out at  Schools and other organizations collect them too – TerraCycle pays $.02 per pouch. 


2 thoughts on “Capri Sun Pencil Box – Reduce Waste

  1. Hi Ms. V! The capri sun pencil holder is super easy and fun…and a great way to recycle the thick cardboard box. Cutting the holes in the top (for the cups to sit in) is the one step a teacher will have to do. Kids can place the cups in the holes, help secure them with glue and choose the supplies they’d like to organize – we do pencils in one cup and markers in the other.

    I’ll see if I can get a photo posted so you can see it 😉 Good luck!

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