The Story of the Candy Cane

Though this may simply be legend, it’s a story worth sharing…

A long time ago, in the land of Indiana, lived a candy maker determined to spread the love of Jesus through his gift of candy making.  His design began with a white stick of candy, symbolizing the Lord’s purity and the rock-solid firmness of God’s promises.  He then shaped the stick into a “J” for our Savior Jesus Christ who was a shepherd unto His flock, as the candy represents when turned upside down.  With a dramatic dash of flair, the candy maker stained his creation with blood-red stripes to remind us of the loving sacrifice our Savior made to provide each of us with the gift of eternal life.

This carefully designed candy is now a Christmas tradition used to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  As the story goes, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear…only then will we be able to see the wonder all around us.

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