Baking Cookies With God

This is a great one for fellow moms (and dads too).  Thanks to my friend Rebecca for sharing this beautiful analogy of parental love!

Now, lets see if I can get it right 😉  It goes something like this…

While we, as believers, are called to witness and serve, we know that God doesn’t actually need us to complete His good works, and yet, he chooses to let us be part of His amazing purpose here on Earth.  He doesn’t need our participation in reaching out to others, our help in spreading His message of salvation, or for us to provide for those in need, and still, He invites us be part of all of this and more.  So, why would a God, capable of innumerable miracles, trust us with such important tasks?

Maybe He just wants us to bake cookies with Him!

As moms, we know that if we invite our children to “help” us in the kitchen that we don’t really need their assistance – – and, we can be sure that things are not going to go as planned, the process will take a whole lot longer than necessary, our helpers may get bored or frustrated and quit before the job has been completed, and we will most certainly have a HUGE mess to clean up in the end…and still, we ask those little people to bake cookies with us time and time again – why would we do such a thing?  Just because we love them.  We want to spend time with them.  We want them to remember what it felt like to be part of something and to pass that endearing feeling on to their children.  We do it out of love for our children.  Is this what our Father is doing for us?  Letting us be part of something, that we will most certainly mess up, just because he loves us and longs to spend time with us?!?  Pretty amazing. 

Have you baked cookies with God lately?


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