A Place to Monkey Around This Summer

Monkey Bizness

According to the UV Index, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation peak occurs at 1:00 p.m.  It’s recommended that outdoor play be avoided during this time to avoid over-exposure to the sun.  So what can we do with our children in the middle of the long, dog days of summer? Well, I have a fantastic solution for you! Your kiddos won’t be whining about boredom after oversized blowup bounce and slide fun at Monkey Bizness – located in Centennial, CO.  The best thing about this place: parents can get in on the fun too!

Good, Clean Fun
I don’t know about other moms, but I have a hard time resisting the urge to join in…at the park, school, and sometimes I’m even tempted by restaurant play places if they don’t have french fry grime in the corners.  That’s another favorite thing, Monkey Bizness is clean and sanitized.  There are several, large play rooms which are rotated so that while some are being disinfected, others are open for play.  Everything is very well managed and hand sanitizer is abundant.

Healthy Bodies
With today’s concern about childhood obesity, it’s important that we teach our kids active play.  Monkey Bizness is filled with challenging equipment for all ages, guaranteed to get your heart rate up, and parents are welcome to play too, so with all the bouncing, swinging, climbing, and sliding you won’t have to worry about squeezing in that evening workout!

 A Parent’s Escape
If you’re in need of downtime more than play time, Monkey Bizness is a great place to set your kids free and just relax with your favorite book.  The play is all in one, giant room, so you can grab a bench and know that your kids are in a safe place.

Service Values
Monkey Bizness values cleanliness and good, old-fashioned customer service and it shows.  This is a place your kids will want to visit again and again – it’s also a great place to host a birthday party!  Check out the website for complete details: http://www.monkeybizness.com/01denver.html.


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