Choosing Abounding Love

A big part of parenthood, and life in general, is the continual process of making choices – some more consciously than others.  With each choice, we face opportunity cost – something that we give up in order to accept the one, single decision we go with.  Having to make a choice inevitably results in an overall gain or loss for that particular situation.  The tricky part of all this decision-making is that the measurable outcome is often unclear when dealing with intangible concepts, so we can’t actually prove that we’ve made the best choice available to us.  So, how do we begin to sort through the many dilemmas we face in our daily adventures?

Whether you first consult the facts or look to your feelings on the situation, I believe in the divine power of consciousness/wisdom – the innate knowledge of right and wrong that speaks to us and guides our paths in the way in which we should go.  It is my belief that we must search our hearts to find the answer that speaks to us in a language of abounding love – mature, enduring, and kind. 

With the powerful tool of love, even the most difficult decisions can be conquered with grace.  So, when struggling with a difficult decision, consider the opportunity cost with a measure of abounding love…and always choose love.


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