Denver Museum BODY WORLDS

You can still catch the temporary exhibit “BODY WORLDS & The Story of The Heart” in its final weeks at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science – if you’ve never been to one of these, it’s a must see!

A brief description from the website:

BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart, an all-new exhibition, reveals — through the lenses of anatomy, cardiology, psychology and culture — how the heart nourishes, regulates and sustains life. The exhibition gives Museum visitors profound insight into the human body, health and disease, and the intricate world of the cardiovascular system. The exhibition awes visitors with more than 200 human specimens, including whole-body plastinates, organs and translucent body slices.

We took our children, 6 and 3, to see the exhibition.  I wasn’t sure if they really understood what they were looking at, and they did get bored after a while, but in the days following our trip to the museum I overheard comments that made me think that our trip was worth while.  Normally, our kindergartener finds naked bodies to be silly and a great topic for random jokes, so when he didn’t say anything about it I had to wonder if he didn’t understand what he was looking at.  So, I asked him later if he had seen any body parts at the museum and he answered me very matter-of-factly with details about what he had seen.  I was impressed with his comprehension and respect of the scientific value of the exhibit – or maybe he was just embarrassed that I had asked 🙂

Our three-year-old didn’t seem to have the same educational experience as the rest of us, but she definitely had a nice time with our family.  She was a little afraid of the skeletons and refered to them as “monsters”.  The ambiance – red walls with background music to the tune of a beating heart – led her to believe it was a creepy place.  She thought the exhibits were “looking at her” (the eyeballs were more obvious in some of the unique poses) but she did a good job of being brave as we wandered through the interestingly exhibited bodies.  I think it helped that brother was being so mature about it.

For our family, this was a great learning opportunity and a fun day together – my husband and I would have liked to have had more time to read about some of the displays, but we wanted to bring the kids so that they could experience it too.  Tickets for the tour aren’t inexpensive, though you can find reduced rates if you go on a Museum free day (check out my “Free Days” page for dates)…for a learning experience of this magnitude, I think the price is worth it!  Visit the Museum website for further details at


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