Finding Grace in Parenthood

I had a talk today with a family member who is having some difficulty with their young child throwing fits and acting out.  A lot of it was reminiscent of things we went through with our son at that age, and some of it was similar to the things our daughter is just starting to do.  This family member was feeling something that we’ve all felt at one point or another during the adventure of parenthood – guilt. 

The truth is that none of us are perfect parents – or perfect people for that matter – and we’re all going to mess up sometimes.  All we can do is just keep trying, learning, praying, and correcting our mistakes as we go.  Because I know these particular parents well, I can tell you that they’ve done a fabulous job raising their kids, and, most importantly, they show their children unconditional love.   

I believe that its important to conquer guilt before it begins to accumulate and attack us  from the inside out.  We need to remember to apologize when we do something wrong, ask for forgiveness, and then receive that forgiveness fully – forgiving ourselves so that we can be the very best parent possible.  Our children are going to learn more from our ability to handle a tough situation gracefully than if they never had the example to learn from in the first place.


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