Bolder Boulder Race Results

The Bolder Boulder 10K race was held on a beautiful, Memorial Day morning in Boulder, CO.  This annual 10K draws a crowd of 50,000+ runners from all skill levels…and costumes!  It’s an absolute blast with a variety of musical entertainment, dancing, front yard parties, water hose spray downs, hand-delivered homemade goodies – all along the 6.21 mile course.  It’s an absolute blast and the distractions along the way are great for blocking out the little aches and pains of running all that way!

Even with the masses of people who come out to run each year, the Bolder Boulder is a fine-tuned machine with several waves for various speeds, time tracking and mile-markers throughout the course, and lots of great freebies – not to mention the fun race shirts!

Now I anxiously await the results.

I think that most people who know me well would say that I’m not a very competitive person – especially when it comes to sports.  I’m a strong believer in “it’s how you play the game”, and I think it’s just nice to let the other team win every now and again – I let my brother and husband win every time!  But, since it’s hard to find teammates who agree with these theories, I tend to stick with individual sports 😉  So, when my BFF asked me to do the Bolder Boulder with her, I was ready to go.  When I went to register online, I saw it was a 10K – no 5K option as I had assumed, and I had missed out on joining her wave 😦  I guess they fill up really fast.  So I was running alone and had some training to do.

My training,  mommy-style began: I had the broken jogger repaired, took the bike trailer off the bike when I had to tow both kids, and got out of bed early on the weekends for my “real” training.  After a couple months of gearing up, I was as ready as I was going to be. 

So, day before the race, my husband – who has had a knee injury in the last year – says, “Hey, I think I’ll run too”.  Now, I know I’m not competitive and I usually get a good laugh out of his joy in crossing the finish line ahead of me, but I guess all that training had gone to my head because this didn’t sound like the best idea to me – mostly because I didn’t want him to win.

This morning, we both set out bright and early – his wave was a few behind mine and I was determined to have a faster race time.  As the race went on, I was sure I was in the clear – it was one of the best races I’ve had, and definitely my best 10K – since I have only one other to compare it to 🙂  I took my time getting a snack and beverage after crossing the finish line, casually wandered over to our meeting spot, and as I peered out to the finish line, hoping to catch a glimpse of my husband in the masses of people flowing into the stadium, I heard my name from across the stands.  And there he was – waiting for me.  Yep, waiting for ME!?!

And so I anxiously anticipate the official race results.  I know it’s close, and he may have beat me – with NO training.  I’m going to take it gracefully – I think…only if I lost though – a win constitutes serious celebration, hee hee.  And so I wait 🙂


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