Hollywood Theater at SouthGlenn

The new, full-service balcony seating option at the theater at SouthGlenn is a great place for a romantic date night, and if you haven’t visited the new Streets at SouthGlenn – a trendy redevelopment of the former Southglenn Mall – you’re going to have to check it out.  At the Hollywood Theater, you select your exact seats when you purchase your ticket.  I’d recommend doing this in advance online because you don’t want your movie to sell out before you get there – they do fill up fast in the balcony – we found this out the hard way when we were left with single vacancies in different rows…so, rather than sitting next to a stranger in the cozy, loveseat-style seating, we chose a different movie – with a little more testosterone, but Iron Man 2 wasn’t all that bad.  The Sky Box restaurant/lounge services the balcony during the film – food is good and prices are set at what you’d expect at a theater.  The wait staff does wander in and out of the aisle during the movie, so choose a seat near the center if possible.  The overall atmosphere is great, seats are extremely comfortable, and if you can find a way to get through the movie without having to visit the restroom several times – hard to do with the free refills – then it’s going to be perfect!


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