Babysitting Co-op

This is something I wish I would have known about before now!  A good friend of mine invited me to join her babysitting co-op which is made up of about 25 moms – all living in our area.  I’ve been a member for just a few months and I love it!  Basically, a babysitting co-op is a group of friends who trade sits in exchange for coupons or points.  It’s a fabulous alternative to relying on a young sitter, and availability is not a concern with stay-at-home and homeschooling moms.  The coupon exchange is nice too – a normal date night would cost us about $40 for the sitter – add dinner and a movie and it gets expensive.  Now I can let my kids play with friends during the day and receive coupons in exchange – it’s great!

Learn more about babysitting co-ops on and or check out the templates and information at  I think moms need all the support they can get and this is a fabulous way to create a quick network.  Make sure that members invite only the friends they trust and know well so that you can rest assured that your kids are in good hands.

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