Spare Change?

It seems that businesses are finding increasingly creative ways to make a little extra profit.  Rather than scare customers off by raising the cost of the Big Mac, our favorite, American burger stop has tacked on an additional fee for eating in – looks to be about 5% of the total purchase.  Now, as a parent of two rambunctious children who love to make messes and play for extended amounts of time in the indoor play place, it seems to be a fair tax.  However, I’m not so sure that more domesticated folks stopping in for a quick lunch would find this to be a good deal, especially considering that it isn’t a known cost – it just appears on the receipt as an extra tax item.  I have to wonder where this tax is allocated and why we have not been more informed of its existence.  I’m not too worried about the extra $.50 on my receipt, but I do have to wonder what will happen when other companies choose to follow suit?  This is somewhat reminiscent of the exponential growth of the American tip jar.  Are we going to pay $5 for a coffee, $1 tip, and a 5% tax to sit in our favorite coffee shop?  Hmmm, maybe so.


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