A Gift Not Available in Stores

It seems to me that mass consumerism and mall madness have become an all-to-familiar Christmas tradition for many families.   I can understand the frustrations behind the bad attitudes of the shoppers – dealing with the large crowds, wish lists to fulfill, baking to do, parties to prepare for, but…aren’t those the very things that we have created for ourselves?  I have to wonder if we take a look back, and remember the one, true gift of Christmas – the birth of our Savior and the humbling conditions surrounding that miracle – if we might find a new sense of peace during this time of year.  I admit that I’m guilty of getting caught up in all the fuss, but I don’t want for that to become a tradition in our home.  I’m going to make extra efforts this season to pass on the very best Christmas tradition to my children – taking time to remember the Gift which we have already received.


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