Dashingly Dirty

It’s dashing and it’s dirty…it’s the Dirty Dash and it’s coming to a location near you. Well, maybe not. That depends on where you’re at BUT it’s coming to a location near me! Can you say #TeamFineS’Wine!


Intimidating, I know. Fear not…this race is great for all skill levels AND you can whoop it up for the cam an we’ll never know how many pits and obstacles you decided to tiptoe around. As for team Fine S’Wine, well, let’s just say there *was* blood, oh ya.

411 Recap from last yr? Here: 411 Recap from last yr.
Photo Journal? Here:
Photo Journal.

What’s the chapstick first aid about you ask? Well, let’s just say — that Fine S’Wine wasn’t a Boy Scout ;)

Get the scoop on this year’s muddy mess…and start training now! Beer, mud, more beer, friends. Yep. That’s it. You’re in! Oh, camera. Check.


ColorCoatedGnar’s Favs @ColorMeRad

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If pummeling your friends with powdered color bombs and getting hosed down by perfect strangers armed with liquid color spray are your idea of a good time, then this is the 5K for you! What I love most about these silly themed, untimed races – um, besides the silly theme and the fact that it’s untimed – is that they’re ideal for beginner runners…aka: my five-year-old, whom raced via piggyback for most of this one #mommyworkout

Top Favs and/or Least Favs:

Blue boogies – two days worth, yum
Uber blue bath water – and the ring it left behind
The blue glow on our skin – three showers later!
Can you say #PhotoOp? (yes, in shades of blue)
Blue stain – how is it that the entire rainbow of colors we encountered = blue?

Late Season Ski Fix…Monarch Mountian

Just for a weekend, but squeezed it all in…epic powder @ Monarch Mountain, Amicas, The Jug, Patio Pancake, Riverside Park, Tenderfoot, F Street Bridge views of the Arkansas River and invaluable time with family and friends in a little town dear to my heart…Salida, CO.

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Learn to Ski/Board on the Cheap @ Echo Mountain

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a ski area close enough to Denver to avoid all the I-70 mess? How about a place with affordable prices, small enough to set the kiddos free – night skiing available (to squeeze a few runs in after work/school). I guess I’d wish for close-in parking, reasonably priced food and amazing views too…but we can’t have it all, right?

Well, maybe we can @ Echo Mountain!

Echo is fairly new to Colorado, privately owned and designed to meet the needs of families…but they let experts on the slopes too, particularly in the tricked-out terrain park, where boarders can be seen from the chair lift – entertaining crowds with their daring performances. The lodge offers spectacular views of the Rockies, free WiFi AND a close watch on the one, main lift as well as a good portion of the mountain. What does that mean to you? Well, if your kids are old enough, you can relax, work, surf the net and maybe even sip a cocktail…all while the kids take their wild energy to the slopes.

Not quite there yet? Echo has ideal accommodations for the little ones too! With a magic carpet, handle toe and several novice runs, you are assured opportunities for those in their early years on the mountain. Kid’s lessons are a good idea too. Get ‘em up there young and they won’t have to endure the pains of adult learning!

Don’t forget to gear your little ones up right! “Best Winter Gear for Kids”

We Saw the Sevens but Not the Falls

It was my son’s comment as we were leaving from our visit to Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, CO. His lack of enthusiasm had much to do with our timing – not just that we chose to visit in the month of December when the falls are frozen over, but because we had set out before sundown in hopes of benefiting from the sun’s warm rays. One small detail overlooked: the icy falls light up at night. Oops.

I wouldn’t say the trip was disappointing though because we did get to see many beautiful sights, ride the elevator to the top of the mountain (stairs closed due to ice) and shop inside the toasty warm gift shop.

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If I had known then what I realize now, yes, I would have suggested a winter *evening* visit so we could enjoy the lovely Christmas lights and the colorful glow of each of the seven frozen falls. I guess that’s what this blogging stuff is all about though – providing helpful tips to other families, right? We’ll just have to take the kids back in the summertime to hike around and experience the falls…not just the sevens.

Pikes Peak Attractions

A Hop Back in Time…Thanks to Air Pogo

Flashback circa de 1988 to scrunchie-held side ponytails, layered socks and stonewashed, pinch rolled denim. It was the stage of life where a transition from childhood tomboyish tendencies into a seemingly well-mannered young lady is a mandatory progression if one is to survive scrutiny of the unyielding judgments projected from hormonal preteens…particularly of the female sort.

It was my escape. An acceptable means of releasing a pent up need to just be silly – play, jump, laugh till your tummy aches kind of fun. I could jump rope with it, experiment with the forces of gravity with it on the trampoline – braving the no-net, dauntingly exposed spring edged rectangle of fun – or use it as intended…and my proper development into preteen maturity was not doubted by any.

So, you can imagine my delight when I received this product for review. The Air Pogo Jumper…my children’s pogo ball. It was just as I had dreamed but increasingly innovative. This Pogo Jumper arrived in a box with a pump. Assembly was easy: insert the red ball into the center, pump to desired firmness…and bounce.

My eight-year-old son was a natural. My four-year-old found it to be more of a challenge (it helps to let some of the air out so she can balance,) but that makes sense considering she’s a bit young for the recommended age…but don’t think she’s going to give up that easily…we’re still recovering from our summer At the Rodeo!

CReaTIvE ExeRCiSE…and we’ll be trying this out on the trampoline once the snow melts. *Not a recommended use but with safety nets, padded springs and the convenience of 911 on the cell phone what could go wrong, right?





What’s That Mouse Doing in Your Stocking?

That’s no ordinary mouse…

While our family won’t be making a stop at a Disney theme park this winter (hopefully a summer trip!), we will experience the whimsical charm – vicariously through Disney favorites found stuffed in our stockings for Christmas morning.

Walt Disney toons have been a holiday favorite in our home since our first child was born. I get a year-round giggle when I think back on a quote from one of the Mickey’s Magical Christmas movies ~ a princess explains what she’s thankful for: friendly mice who make beautiful evening wear!

Unfortunately, we don’t have designer mice at our home (or in our stockings) but we do have enough of one special mouse to make us all smile…Mickey Mouse. His ears are in my son’s closet, his stuffed clone on my daughter’s shelf and this holiday season, he’s making a grand appearance, mostly in one specific room in our home – the children’s bathroom!

With foam soap dispensed from these familiar ears, the kids will be delighted to wash their hands – we might even personalize a set of Disney hand towels to assure our hands get dried! Boo boos will be handled by…guess who…Mickey. My son will learn to shave with lessons from, yes, Mickey (and a handy learn-to-shave kit). AND (this one is a stretch but worth a try) we’re going to see if a Princess Hair Care Set might help convince my wild one to sit still for a do!

You can find these and many other Disney products, well, pretty much everywhere…and check out the Mickey’s Magical Christmas movies for sweet memories and giggles all year long!


For fun family tips and a chance to win a trip, check out Disney’s D-Lightful Living on Facebook.

Honey, I Shrunk the Sippy Cup… (A Tale of Name Bubble Heroism)

In my ‘Bubbly Solution Solves “Mommy where’s my…”‘ editorial review, I explained the convenience of Name Bubbles…particularly this time of year with the various school supplies, drink cups, clothing, sports gear and now the epic ski wear collection! These adorable name stickers got us through last winter with few missing items – the ones that did go astray were easy to spot in the lost-and-found bin! I was thoroughly impressed with how well the Name Bubbles stayed adhered to clothing, toys, electronics and sippy cups!

It’s not so difficult for a cute little name sticker to stay intact when items are treated gently, BUT if you’ve met my little ones (the blondie in particular) you already know that not every item in our home can be protected at all times, hee hee, AND – believe it or not – sometimes even mom is the culprit to the ruin of valued items (not intentionally, of course!). This is one such case…

Mom + dishwashing machine power = shrunken sippy cup.

There is, however, a happy ending to this story – the Name Bubble survived, relatively undamaged – completely and securely adhered to the side of that warped and withered cup. We were excited, um, for the Name Bubble (sorry green sippy.)

~ My momfidence in this product now soars to whole new level. ~

Those who thought I was the “crazy label lady” before just best look out now…I’ve been set loose with EXcLuSivE, Limited Time Only, MoNstER MAsH LaBeLS…for both of my children. These, along with our new monogrammed “S” packages (for our spooky-long last name) make me the most dangerous, label-happy mama on the block. Ewww, and with ski/snowboard season just around the corner, the adorable monster Name Bubbles will be hitting the slopes with us!

Monsters not your winter fav, check out all the options available at Name Bubbles’ official website.

Oh, and FREE Pumpkin Head Labels this month too! These Name Bubble Halloween originals are beautifully designed for the cleanest jack-o-lantern decorating you ever did see…perfect for the little ones. Submit your ghoulish, spooky or pleasantly pumpkin design for a chance at a $25 gift certificate – 5 winners chosen Halloween Day! Details Here

Stay tuned for photos of our spooktacular jack-o-lantern creations…coming soon!

A Taste of Colorado, Dever

Invigorate your taste buds and spend time with the ones you love at one of the most happin’ end-of-summer celebrations in the city of Denver! A Taste of Colorado is held annually over Labor Day Weekend in downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park. So, put on your walking shoes (you’ll be parking downtown) and prepare for a crowd…over 500,000 folks come out for this four-day event!

Tickets are sold in sheets of 12 and can be exchanged for games, rides, food and drink. Sample tastes may be as few as three tickets (just under $3 value) while entire meals, some gourmet, can take a bit more than an entire sheet. Shop around for the deal that suits you and you’re family! Our kids settled on a giant snow cone with two spoons…the remainder of their tickets were decidedly spent on rides including the bungee jump trampoline.

My top pick at this year’s festival was the 6 ticket fondu – cheese or chocolate – can you guess which I went for? With dipping selections such as brownies and rice crispy treats, the choice was easy. Nick sampled Indian food and shared pulled pork bbq with the family. Part of the epicurean fun is sharing a bite or two!


Make A Taste of Colorado a Labor Day Weekend tradition for your family! Stay late and relax to live music or arrive early and beat the crowds. Do both and make it a full day of fun! Don’t forget your sunscreen, bring your ID if you plan on sampling wine and beer…strollers are welcome – have fun!

TCBY of Grenwood Village

TCB…Why? Well, let me tell you!


The Country’s Best Yogurt…if mention of it brings feelings
of nostalgia, you’re not alone. I’ve been an avid fan of ice cream since I can
remember – bubble gum flavor “topping” the charts during my youth, and with
tastes gaining in sophistication over the years, my passion has melted into a
love torn between blends of light and fruity and delectable rich, heavy flavors,
thick with assorted candy bar.

Ok, so I’m a true fan of this frozen, sweet deliciousness.
So, here’s the good news…I can still have my guilty indulgence and feel good
too! Yep, this yogurt stuff is amazing! All the flavor and none of the
guilt…ok, until I get to the topping section…but that’s my personal issue
because they have plenty of healthy topping choices.

TCBY frozen yogurt plus all the toppings you could
dream of to create a masterpiece of your very own – it’s wonderful. Forget the
days of choosing a set recipe from the menu (boring) and hello to unlimited
creativity, but if you’re not comfortable making those types of decisions,
there are three lovely flat-screened TVs at this Greenwood Village location…one
of which scrolls through a list of no-risk recipes…but, if you do this you’ll
never know what white chocolate mouse yogurt/dash of cake batter yogurt topped
with gummy bears, Fruity Pebbles, Snickers and slopped all over with hot fudge
tastes like (recipe by Noelle.)

A lesson in creativity to spark the mind of a child or a
reward for well-behaved children…just two of the strategies (aka: excuses) we
use as parents to find our way to yogurt rewards! Oh, and this specific TCBY
location has gone the extra mile to be truly family friendly with high chair and
sling accommodations as well as diaper changers in *both bathrooms, hooray for
this modern-day realization in parenting!

Check out the urban ambiance of this stylish frozen yogurt
joint – 100% kid- and parent-friendly too, yum! You will likely have the chance
to meet one of the local owners, who not only hands-on run this business but
are well-versed in parenthood too! Gotta love family run, locally owned,
nationally valued frozen favorites!

So just one request…bubble gum yogurt, please!

Find TCBY of Greenwood Village on FB!


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